The island of Cyprus is situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, more specifically near the trade routes of each continent, thus Cyprus’ strategic position in combination with the tax rate on corporate profit at 12,5% which makes it one of the lowest rate in the European Union which appeals to businessmen around the world.

As Cyprus has become a favored location for international commerce as well as for reputable multinationals seeking a legitimate tax efficient jurisdiction – raising Cyprus to a new level of international business.

Cyprus boasts an extensive network of tax treaties, currently with more than 48 countries, including countries in North America, Western and Eastern Europe as well as China, India and Russia.


  • Cyprus has all the tax attributes expected from an international financial centre.
  • Cyprus has a corporate income tax rate of 12,5% one of the lowest corporate tax rate in the European Union.
  • The maximum Cyprus VAT rate is 19%, the second lowest in the European Union.
  • Depending on its activity, a company registered in Cyprus is able to register for VAT in Cyprus and recover any VAT suffered.
  • Cyprus does not have any net worth taxes or annual capital taxes and there are no stamp duties or significant capitals.
  • Cyprus companies are permitted to deregister from the Cyprus Register and become domiciled in another jurisdiction and on the other hand, Non-Cyprus Companies which are allowed by their own jurisdiction of their incorporation to deregister in that jurisdiction and register elsewhere are also able to become domiciled in Cyprus.

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